BCD Burlesque – Hotter than Ever

This recap is from a new BCD member who attended her first party in January.

To save you the trouble of reading the detailed review below– I can summarize it in one word– HOT.

I had done my research before applying for membership and attending a Behind Closed Doors party. As a new comer to the New York sex scene, I was nervous about my first big party in the city. I had taken advantage of getting to chat with Rocco and Sex Kitten beforehand about the experience of being a newcomer, and what to expect, but no words could adequately describe the experience I was going to encounter later that night.  You have to experience it for yourself!

I walked up to the private location which had only been divulged in a secret communication to attending members.  I tugged at the bottom of my dress, and smacked my lips one more time to make sure everything was in place before I was allowed into the loft filled with the crème de la crème. Buzzing the loft, I was greeted with the firm voice of the door guard asking me what the password for the night was– it was clear that unlike the other clubs I had visited, the BCD party put a special importance on privacy and exclusivity– I was already enthralled to be at the party, and I hadn’t even been guided up yet!

The door guard led me into the venue as a sexy hostess helped me take off my coat and hung it so I was able to get to socializing right away. I drifted to the bar, still a little nervous about how I was going to make connections with people in such a unique environment.

The bartender sensed my nervousness and mixed up a delicious cocktail that was heavy on the alcohol and seasoned with just the right amount of pomegranate juice. I turned around and before I could let another thought cross my mind, I found myself chatting with a beautiful blonde woman about the drink the bartender had just whipped up for us. I drifted from conversation to conversation making my way around the room talking to almost every couple. As my newfound friend and I were laughing over a joke her partner made, we heard Sex Kitten softly announce that Swing School was about to start– meaning, those who were interested were being invited to a conversation about swinging, the rules of the party, as well as a short introduction of what sparked the creation of SOS/BCD.  Guests filtered into the play area grabbed a seat and listened intently to what Sex Kitten and Rocco had to say.  The uniqueness of the conversation made it almost essential for the newer members, but new stories seem to entertain veterans. The playing hadn’t even begun, and the BCD party had wowed me again.

After Swing School, Sex Kitten introduced the sexy act of the evening, a gorgeous burlesque dancer. With every piece of clothing she shed during her extremely alluring act, we each felt the room get a little warmer and the energy a little more intense. Almost instantly after her act finished, the action started.

The sights and sounds to follow were truly unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I had made up my mind prior to entering the room that I would probably not be playing, given this was my first experience at BCD, and I generally find myself to be a little more nervous– but even with my strong resolve, I found myself melting under my undying urge to be touched and stirred like the other women in the room. The playing had begun in the play area, but had continued throughout the room. Everywhere I looked, there were beautiful bodies entwined with strong handsome bodies– sexy women pleasing other women as their men watched– and women pleasuring themselves as they watched other couples. What I was seeing was definitely more intense and pleasing than any porn video I had ever dreamed of.

My focus fell on a particular couple that had made their way from the play room to the main couch outside. The couple was probably in their mid to late 20’s. The man had a perfectly chiseled body and a strong jaw– his partner was a perfectly tanned, slim brunette, with thick wavy brunette hair. After sucking his already erect cock, she teased him by offering a lap dance making sure to allow her naked back to graze his thighs, and cock. Before she could continue her routine, her partner had bend her over and begun sliding his hot rod in and out of her throbbing hole. They continued to conduct themselves in every position and way possible, her loud moans echoing through the loft mixing in with all the other cries of pleasure. I found myself incredibly wet, wanting a cock to suck and caress as I watched the hot woman in front of me ride her sexy partner. The couple continued to immerse themselves in one another until the girl was tapped on the shoulder by another woman , who, like me, had been watching this couple thoroughly enjoy herself. The brunette leaned back and offered her ear to the woman who had just approached. After a quick exchange, the brunette dismounted her partner, sat back on the couch and spread her legs wide for the other woman. The new woman fucked the brunettes wet pussy with her tongue as the chiseled man began to slide into the new woman from behind. Again, their cries of satisfaction reminded me how badly I wanted to be fucked.

I staggered away a little taken aback by my sudden urge to play. I realized quickly the uniqueness of the BCD party was not just in its exclusivity, upscale location, and service– it was in the guests attending the party. Some of my most carnal fantasies were happening directly in front of me– meaning though the guests looked different, we all shared one main interest– safe but amazingly hot sex– mainly to please our partners and ourselves. Though I did not engage in a full swap through the night, I did have the good fortune of getting to suck and caress a few very very sexy men. Although I think my fate of being a loyal BCD member was decided when I walked through the door– my experience at this party helped me realize a lot about myself sexually. I will definitely be engaging in a full swap, given the opportunity arises– partially because I can’t wait to add to the chorus of pleasured moans that echo through the room during the party, and partially because I cannot think of a better, safer, more HOT place to engage in my first New York swing experience. I am anxiously looking forward to my next BCD party ;)–until then–stay foxy!




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