Anonymity in the Lifestyle – Advice For Those Concerned About Their Privacy

A while back, a daytime soap opera star contacted me and asked:

Sex Kitten, I’m a celebrity and I’m really interested in becoming a member to attend a BCD event.  But since I’m a celebrity, I’m afraid I’m going to be recognized by someone at a party.  The last thing is I want is that my sexual adventures and my attendance at BCD.  Are there any other celebrity members of BCD?  Do you have any advice on how to deal with my privacy concerns? Thanks!

This star is strikingly beautiful and really sweet, so I decided to call her to give her some advice.  But most of what I told her is applicable to anyone who wants to protect their identity.  Whether you’re a professional in a conservative industry or just concerned about meeting someone you know, here is some advice.

First, you may want to use an alias.  Whether on this site or at the event, it may be a good idea to come up with another name to use.  BCD guest lists use whatever name you indicate on your application, not your real name.  We use third-party payment processors for both membership and tickets because we don’t want to know who you are!  Since we ourselves are professionals and concerned about our identities, we recognize that most of our members have the same concerns.

Second, change your look for the parties.  This particularly applies if you are a public figure or a celebrity.  Our parties are a great chance to try a new look — outrageous makeup, a new hairstyle, etc.  I told the soap star that she may even want to wear glasses to disguise herself.  If you normally wear a lot of makeup, you may want to go for a natural look at the parties.

Third, don’t give out your personal information to anyone.  It may seem appealing to give out your real email and number to arrange for a rendezvous before the next event, it’s usually not a good idea.  At the very least, set up a Google voice number and an email address that you only use for your “Lifestyle” exploits.  But meetings outside of the party scene are generally not a good idea.  You don’t want people coming over your apartment (and, as a result, knowing your address and personal information) and possibly looking through your medicine cabinets or drawers.  Even if your guests are respectful, they may not be on the same page as you and it may be difficult to get them to leave.

Even in a city as big as New York, at a party like Behind Closed Doors which attracts guests from all over the US–and the world–there is always a risk that you may run into someone you know.  Of course, a person would be hard pressed to embarrass you about attending the same party that they had attended.

I’ll sign off by reiterating that protecting our member’s privacy is of the utmost importance to us at SoS, and we hope this post helps many of you.

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